Making changes in our lives is something most of us desire, more money, be fitter, eat better, stop smoking, get into a healthy relationship and get out of an unhealthy one! Whatever the change you desire to make in your life one thing is almost certain, it is not easy to make the change! Why is that? Your logical thinking tells you that eating this particular food is really not good for you, nor is sitting around being unfit, working in a job that does not fulfil you or an unfulfilled love life.

It does not matter what it is you want to change, the principle is the same. So how do you do it? You could wait until some of the activities or non-activities become life threatening or you become so psychologically disturbed that serous mental illness will follow if you do not take action.

Even if it never gets to that point, who wants to live life unsatisfactorily?  Well the good news is that making changes to improve your life is possible, here is how to begin. Take these steps, but there is one set rule: Be gentle with yourself

Step 1: Forgive yourself immediately for any slips

Step 2: Make the time to meditate daily on what changes you want to make. It could be before you get up in the morning or at any point in the day, just be sure to make the space.

Step 3: Do not try and work out how you will get there, just see the end result

Step4: One step at a time, introduce the change in fragments, you can jog from one lamp post to the next, eat half a bar of chocolate instead of the full one, send an email to someone you like if face to face is too much, sell something on ebay to boost your funds.

Step 5: Do something every day that gets you closer to what you want to change, even if it is last thing at night and you have done nothing, you can still meditate or write in your journal.

Step 6: Find someone you can talk to about your desires, someone who will listen and not judge. Someone who has belief in you and will affirm what you want to do. If you cannot find this in human form, talk to your dog or cat as they almost certainly fulfil the criteria.

Step 7: Cultivate gratitude for what you have in your life, write three things daily that you are grateful for.

Step 8: Challenge at least one fear every day, talk to someone you would normally avoid, allow yourself to think much bigger than usual, see yourself in luxury without any blocks to how you get there.

Step 9: Remember step number one 1 and the one set rule!